Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications


Tripolymer can be used in virtually any type of construction; commercial masonry block core fill, block/brick veneer or either new or retrofit applications.


Independent laboratories have tested Tripolymer under a wide variety of construction systems for their fire ratings. It is rated as a CLASS 1 Building Material and does not emit hazardous gases when exposed to heat or fire. Tripolymer® will not support combustion and will not ignite or drip when under fire conditions


Tripolymer® begins saving energy and dollars immediately upon installation and does not decrease in efficiency over time. Infiltration is greatly reduced when compared to fiberglass batts and blown-in fibrous type insulations. Also, Tripolymer does not settle.


Tripolymer® is a cold setting foam that is installed into the wall system through specially engineered metering equipment by specially trained installers. It easily flows into hard-to-reach cavities, completely filling the cavity and hardens within 10 to 60 seconds after injection. Tripolymer® Foam-In-Place is a cold setting process and therefore does not expand once it is injected into the wall cavity. Small cavities around window units, pipe chases, air ducts and conduits can easily be retrofitted.

Masonry Block / Core Fill

– Increase thermal performance over inserts and pour-in HUD, ASTM & NYC-MEA
– Insulates block & mortar sections are complete

Tripolymer foam-in-place insulation is easily and efficiently installed in blocks after the wall is constructed, completely filling all block and mortar joints regardless of obstructions. Using a pressure fill method, it is injected through a 5/8″ to 1-inch holes. A two-man crew can complete up to 10,000 block a day.

Sound Deadening

– Reduces Sound Transmission
– STC rating 53
– Upgrade existing wall systems
– For elevator shafts, pipe chases, bedrooms, bathrooms, party walls and road noise

Tripolymer’s cellular structure provides an effective acoustical barrier against airborne sound transmissions. It can be installed in both new and retrofit construction, eliminating sound transmission through interior and exterior walls. Tripolymer reduces resonance vibration of interior finishes.

Pipe Chases

– Eliminates condensation
– Reduces heat loss
– Deadens noise from water and waste lines
– Protects pipes from freezing

Condensation problems from water pipes can be eliminated easily and inexpensively with Tripolymer in both new and retrofit construction . Tripolymer will also protect pipes from freezing by eliminating cold air infiltration and updraft.

Correct Fire Wall Rating Problems

– Correct deficiencies in Fire Wall construction
– Custom solutions for fire rating problems
– Stop internal wall fire updraft
– Does not support combustion

Tripolymer’s excellent fire properties are attributed to its unique phenolic chemistry. Tested by ASTM E-84, ASTM E-119 for steel stud, wood frame, party wall partitions and load bearing interior and exterior walls, Tripolymer will increase fire hour ratings from 50% to 150%, eliminating the need to install costly gypsum.

Brick Veneer / Masonry

– Less costly that rigid board construction
– No cutting and fitting
– Less labor and time
– Less infiltration than with board type insulation

Unlike rigid board insulation that are labor intensive and expensive, Tripolymer is foamed in place at 15-foot height intervals after the masonry is up. The hose is dropped to the bottom of the cavity and withdrawn as the cavity fills, flowing around wall ties and other obstructions, leaving no voids.

Cluster Projects / Town Houses

– Fast and easy to install
– Upgrade buildings already inhabited
– Less interior labor and less cost
– Less destruction required

Many cluster developments fail local and state fire ratings after construction is complete. Tripolymer can easily correct faulty construction violations to meet today’s building codes. Firewall rating can be increased to meet codes without the costly addition of double layer gypsum boards.