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What is Tripolymer?

Tripolymer® Foam Insulation is a hybrid, belonging to one of the oldest groups of synthetically-produced thermosetting compounds. Phenolics, as they are referred to, were first synthesized in 1907 in the form of Bakelite. Today, Phenolics are well known for their durability, structural integrity, and extraordinary fire resistance. Phenolic materials are used extensively in electronics, automobiles, manufacture parts, fire proof coatings, waterproof adhesives, tools, jewelry, and thousands of other commercial and household items. When used as foam insulation, phenolics are one of the safest and most efficient thermal and acoustical insulation products available.

Tripolymer® was developed by CP Chemical Company in 1966 by taking the best qualities from original Bakelite and combining it with some of today’s complex compounds and technologies. Tripolymer® was originally designed to be used as a highly efficient and fire resistant thermal insulation for NASA and the aerospace industry. In 1975 Tripolymer® Foam products and their characteristics were expanded and refined with assistance from the United States Department of Energy under the federal non-nuclear energy research and development act of 1974. Recognizing the inherent short comings of existing poly-urethane and urea formaldehyde foam insulation products, the Department of Energy concluded that Tripolymer® Foam and its related products were in the national interest. Tripolymer® was chosen as one of three products from a total of 7000 to be assisted in further development. After 3 years of intense research and testing the new Tripolymer® was made available for commerce.

Frequently Asked Questions from Builders

  • How does Tripolymer® compare to other insulation materials?

    Tripolymer comparison chart

  • What is Tripolymer’s R-value? Why is it important?

    R-value is the standard measure of thermal resistance – the resistance in temperature movement in your walls.

  • What isTripolymer® wall foam insulation?

    Tripolymer wall foam insulation is a hybrid belonging to one of the oldest groups..


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