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Why Re-Insulate Now?

Does your home feel cold in the winter and warm in the summer? Can you feel air moving through wall switches and outlets? Is the upstairs’ temperature 5 to 10 degrees different from the temperature downstairs? These are just a few symptoms of an under-insulated home. Many older homes have little or no insulation in their exterior walls. Others have only “standard-grade” fiberglass batt insulation which is just not an effective barrier because it allows significant amounts of air to infiltrate the home. Our injectable wall foam insulation solves this problem by filling the wall cavity and acting as a highly-efficient seal against air infiltration… the number one source of energy loss. Studies suggest that up to 40% of energy loss in homes comes from air seeping through small cracks and crevices in the building envelope. Cold, damp air seeps INTO the home in the winter. Cool, conditioned air seeps OUT in the summer. The U.S. Department of Energy’s number one recommendation to help consumers reduce energy bills is to add insulation to their homes.

Small holes, big results

But how do you insulate the exterior walls of an existing home without tearing into the drywall? Thanks to and our unique injection process, it’s not as difficult as you might think! installs Tripolymer, a non-toxic, non-expanding, wall foam insulation which can be easily injected into exterior wall cavities from the exterior of the home, usually in just one day. Watch our video to see this amazing process. Tripolymer has the highest R-value of any retrofit insulation on the market and offers the quickest return on your investment. Plus, you’ll see many other benefits such as a reduction in outside noises and increased fire resistance after installing Tripolymer in your home. Click here to read about the other advantages. Tripolymer seals and insulates your home, saving you money… month after month. With heating and cooling costs on the rise, you simply can’t afford to wait another day. Getting started is easy…

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At FoamMyWalls, our motto is… “It’s Never Too Late to Re-Insulate!”

Frequently Asked Questions from Homeowners

  • How does Tripolymer® compare to other insulation materials?

    Tripolymer comparison chart

  • What is Tripolymer’s R-value? Why is it important?

    R-value is the standard measure of thermal resistance – the resistance…

  • What isTripolymer® wall foam insulation?

    Tripolymer wall foam insulation is a hybrid belonging to one of the oldest groups..


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