• Will H.Dallas, TX

    “In March of this year, FoamMyWalls.com insulated our 90 year old Kessler Park home. Our family wanted more consistent room-to-room temperatures, reduced dust and noise, plus lower energy bills. After a Texas summer, I can happily announce the product exceeded our expectations. Here are quantitative results since installation. (graph supplied) This equates to over $500 in savings and 4,700 fewer kWh over the summer. At this rate, FoamMyWalls will pay for itself within 2 years. Thanks, FoamMyWalls.com!”

  • Ray D.Wylie, TX

    “The portion of my Home that had the walls insulated, is an average of SIX degrees cooler than before.”

  • Glenn F.Dallas, TX

    “FoamMyWalls did everything they said they would, very professional, easy to work with and cleaned up nicely. I noticed the noise reduction immediately. With additional cold weather, the house holds heat better and the furnace runs less.”

  • Burt B.Dallas, TX

    “Great workmanship… Can’t even tell by looking that foam was injected. Crew was courteous and were very clean in their implementation.”

  • Jennifer G.Garland, TX

    “Product worked exactly as promised, it was not oversold.”

  • Jennifer G.Garland, TX

    “I had a bedroom at the end of the hvac that consistently was hotter than the rest of the house by 5-8 degrees in the summer. We had tried a number of weather proofing things to equalize the temperature. Foam My Walls was the first product/company that actually worked. The bedroom is now no more than half a degree different from the rest of the house…a very noticeable difference in the Tx summer.”

  • Kristian S.Garland, TX

    “I highly recommend FoamMyWalls.com. They are friendly, professional, and thorough. We can’t wait to see the difference in our electric bill, but we can already feel it in our house. Now we are sure that Summer will stay outside, and we’ll stay comfortable inside. I wish we could hand out samples of the difference, but the best we can do is share our positive experience!”

  • Kristian S.Garland, TX

    “They followed thru on everything they said they would do, they were very thorough and cleaned up wonderfully when they were done. They were very respectful of our home. We are also very satisfied with the change of temperature in our home since they were here. Nothing else has worked this well to limit the summer heat coming in, and keep us comfortable in our home.”

  • Chad G.Prosper, TX

    “They were fast, efficient and got the job done. I have never had a better company work on my home than Foam My Walls and I wish they did other things as well.”

  • Beverly J.N. Richland Hills, TX

    “It was the best money I’ve ever spent.”

  • Connie G.Richardson, TX

    “This was one of the few remodeling/refurbishing experiences that was actually enjoyable. That was totally because of the quality of people and the quality of the product.”

  • Bill G.Richardson, TX

    “From the sales representative to the cleanup man, our experience with the people of FoamMyWalls was first rate. Often overlooked areas of professional service like timeliness, courteous and professional communications, and jobsite cleanliness and safety were apparent from the first appointment with the sales representative to the last installation crewperson to leave the jobsite. The product exceeded our expectations in its effectiveness in managing temperatures as well as noise inside our house. Overall, this was a first class experience dealing with well trained and mannered people and a top quality product.”

  • David Y.Dallas, TX

    “The company lived up to their contract promises. They were here on the day agreed upon and on time. They did their job correctly the first time and the results are great. The house is cooler and maintains its temperature longer. The level of outside noise has been greatly reduced.”

  • Morgan N.Dallas, TX

    “We are long-time customers. Our electric bill has decreased drastically.”

  • Patrick D.Rockwall, TX

    “I would highly recommend both foaming walls and FoamMyWalls.com. The difference the foam has made in our house was well worth the money spent which, incidentally, was less than we expected.”

  • Mary S.Plano, TX

    “Great job and I am very happy with the results. My home office is on the east side of my house and gets the morning sun. Nothing prior had worked to bring the temp down in my office. Finally FoamMyWalls has made a huge difference.”

  • Elizabeth S.Dallas, TX

    “After trying radiant barrier, insulated windows, attic insulation, and attic fans, FoamMyWalls was the only improvement that really made a difference in our heating and cooling. I would recommend this to anyone, especially in an older house like ours.”

  • Curtis H.Frisco, TX

    Personnel did exactly everything to my expectation. The home was spotless upon completion. You could never tell the work was done, other than for the paperwork to prove it.

  • Kip H.Plano, TX

    “The installation team was clean, efficient, and professional. The product seems to be working as advertised. I purchased the product for energy saving. It appears in the first couple of months that the utility bill seems to be lowered.”

  • Andrew M.Dallas, TX

    “You’ve seen what happened in Texas this week (a week of snow & ice). I live in a 90-year old house and before it was unbearable. Now you can tell how pleasant it is. We definitely had a ten degree increase in our temperature inside during this cold. I’m not sure how that will translate into dollars, but we had to run the furnace a lot before. I also noticed a sound abatement immediately after installation.”

  • Joe W.Rowlett, TX

    “I was very satisfied. I think the product works. The air conditioners have not cut on as much and the area seems to be a lot more comfortable than before.”

  • Deb S.Oak Point, TX

    “I have noticed already during 100 degree weather that the temperature of our house seems cooler. I’m very impressed with FoamMyWalls.com. They were highly professional and knowledgeable. Also, they didn’t take long at all to finish.”

  • Mike G.Dallas, TX

    “I was very pleased with their work and I would definitely use them again on a different house. They resolved the issue with my mortars so I don’t think that would be a big deal at all!”

  • Nancy K.Farmers Branch, TX

    “I was given an estimate of the job and that’s what they stuck to. They were here in a timely manner, worked well with me setting up the schedule and did a very efficient job. So far this year I haven’t had my air conditioning on at all. I certainly would recommend FoamMyWalls.com.”

  • Laura M.Lucas, TX

    “As a realtor for over 30 years, I would recommend this product for anyone with an older home. My house was built in 1975 and the insulation was practically non-existent. Not only did it help with the sound insulation, but I have already noticed a reduction in my HVAC bills. My bills for March and April 2011 were in the mid $80 range and I have almost 2700 sq ft. The workmen were knowledgeable, courteous and considerate and the job was completed quickly and efficiently with no complications.”

  • Wade P.Dallas, TX

    “They completed the work on time as promised. The staff was professional, friendly, and unobtrusive. We have had the product for a month and can already tell the difference in the energy efficiency of our home. I can’t wait to see the real savings come this summer.”

  • John S.Richland Hills, TX

    “I received an estimate and they performed the work faster than I expected. You can’t even tell they were here and did their job. Since then, I have noticed a change in the run time for my heating and cooling system.”

  • Don H.McKinney, TX

    “Thank you to FoamMyWalls.com for the positive experience insulating my home. Friendly and competent workers who showed up on time and finished on schedule made this a great home improvement experience for me.”

  • Tim C.Dallas, TX

    “ FoamMyWalls.com was the Company that foamed all of our outside walls both upstairs and downstairs and their crew did an unbelievable job. Since they completed the job we have noticed a significant reduction in the noise from outside as well as a reduction in our monthly electricity bill.”

  • Saibel M.Richardson, TX

    “This has been the perfect solution for my older home. They have kept my home well insulated. Their installation from the outside is very clean especially when compared to the more traditional approach to installation.”

  • Karen E.Plano, TX

    “I saw an ad in a local ad magazine, called and was interested enough after the conversation to have them come and see the areas of concern. I’m in the design business and I know that other products are so messy and time consuming. Neither me or my clients were thrilled with the prospect of removing drywall, insulating, putting up new dry wall, retexturing and painting to try and improve sound quality. So, this less invasive process seemed doable. I’m very pleased, it was effective and well worth the money.”

  • Charles J.Coppell, TX

    “I love that it makes the home quieter. Most importantly it doesn’t leak any smell into the house.”